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Build Revenue Not Reports

Your prelim questions, answered.

What's this all about?

Accelerant saves merchants over 10 hours every week by gathering, consolidating, and reporting on the KPIs that matter, quickly showing you how the business is performing against your own defined targets in real time - and giving you that time back to focus on growth. If you've ever wanted to see how your business is performing week to date, but had to go to a bajillion different platforms to gather data, convert currencies, and then calculate all your key metrics, this one's for you.

Why did you make it?

Running a data-centric ecommerce consultancy, I build and scale ecommerce brands every day of the week. I've been complaining about the lack of clear data consolidation and intelligent, predictive approaches to modelling and forecasting for what seems like an eternity.

This operating system brings to life the insights- and analytics-driven approach we've taken to building revenue for ecommerce brands decade. And I'm pretty confident that it's going to help monitor your performance, close the gap on the daily, and drive growth as well.

Is there a cost?

The only cost to do this is one hour of your time each month, where I ask you questions and try to make the best possible operating software for ecommerce brands.

What platforms do you integrate?

We currently integrate Shopify, Google Analytics, Klaviyo, Google Ad Manager, Meta Business Manager. Coming in Q4 are Recharge, Tiktok, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Bing.

Will it slow down our site?

That would be a hard no.

Accelerant operates nowhere near the database for your transactional site - we're pulling data from an entirely separate database, as well as from all of our integrated platforms. Our hunt and consolidate away from your customer-facing site means zero impact on site speed.

So what does the beta entail?
We're in the process of gathering data and learning how to make our software as useful as possible. So what are we hoping to learn?
  • How much time does this save you weekly?
  • What are the features that helped you the most?
  • What features would you like to see built out further?
  • Who in your business finds this to be the most useful?
  • What are the annoyances in your day to day that we can help solve?

Then the basic demographic stuff like industry, type of user, business size, etc.

We just want to make something great and are grateful you're considering joining us on this journey. :)

Do you have an agency option?

We sure do. We were born in the brain of an ecommerce consultancy founder - so we're definitely building for managing client portfolios too.

How do we get started?

After we do our demo together, if there is a fit, we will invite you into our onboarding process, which will first involve enabling us to put our currently private app on your Shopify store(s).

Following this, it's a relatively seamless process of us integrating your Shopify, Klaviyo, Google Analytics, and ad platforms with our system. The process is automated but our merchant success team is available to screen share and support as needed as you get accustomed to the tool!

"Super handy for small and medium sized businesses."
General Manager, Beauty & Personal Care, $5M+